Windows on a world of passion and enthusiasm.

This selection of work showcases Adrian Morris-Thomas’s variety of techniques and disciplines over the past decade. During this time, Adrian also founded Art Hub Studios CIC, a thriving creative community of artists in South East London.

Born into a family of artists, Adrian has extensive skills in drawing, painting and printmaking – as well as an innate understanding of art as a way of life. Deceptively matter-of-fact about his artistic process, Adrian threads together imagery from old photos, found objects, vintage books, magazines and packaging. He takes his ideas through boundless stages and different techniques until they gather momentum and manifest as a personal surrealism.

With a few carefully-chosen words Greenwich-based artist Adrian Morris-Thomas leaves us in no doubt that the world around him unfolds as a living collage.

“Pop art, popular culture, movie-star glamour, graphics and memorabilia”

Using different media, styles, techniques and materials, Adrian Morris-Thomas allows his ideas to develop and grow. He moves between the exacting discipline of oil painting to the freedom of relief painting and keeps both energy and inspiration flowing.

Adrian is a great collector. His expeditions to the second hand shops and the stalls of Deptford market uncover inspiring treasures. The pieces assembled and animated in periods, places and themes culminate in art-works of beautiful and exuberant invention.

Piecing together ideas is part of this artist’s joy, and in turn it is handed to the viewer who begins by wondering how the image might have started, speculating on the flight of the artist’s imagination, and gradually drawing out their own narrative or version of events.

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